Ptolemy® is a software solution for all your Patent, Trade Mark and other I.P. Rights Management Operations, adding a new dimension to your public and private communication requirements.

A Web based Management tool

All the procedures managing the life of I.P. rights are covered: examination, publication, opposition, grant / registration, maintenance of the register, cancellation, renewal or annuities, assignments etc.

Incoming Forms

The IP Right Case is the key component in Ptolemy®, designed to enable easy access to all documents associated with the case, and all correspondence on the case.

Outgoing correspondence

Ptolemy® incorporates an XML/XSL based correspondence management and generation tool, relating over 150 reusable tags to specific data items with an IP Right, and related persons and procedures.

Procedures follow up

A diary of required actions and limit dates is kept in the light of which the life cycle of a Trade Mark or Patent and the activity of examiners are managed. Configurable examination checklists linked with correspondence facilities are the basic and powerful tool for the IP examiners.


Ptolemy’s Gazette production mechanisms are used to generate a Gazette reflecting the Office’s preferences in terms of precise content and layout. A dynamic publication on the Office website is also possible.


Ptolemy®’s database is configured to track all information for WIPO statistics and management reports and enabling a close follow up of the Office’s activity.

Fees module

Enables comprehensive key-in, follow-up and management of all income received.