Billetterie is a web based and customizable case-centric ticket management system that is used to manage service requests in high volume environments. It is highly configurable and can be embedded into client’s web site with SSO (single sign-on) capability.

Billetterie key features

Billetterie is designed to simplify the management of complex service requests by breaking them down into actionable tasks that are linked to service levels. Single sign-on integration (SSO). Businesses can easily integrate their user databases or alternatively allow users to register.

Live Chat

Operator driven real time dialogue with users can be customized according to business specifications. Escalation of tickets. Different levels of ticket escalation can be configured according to different departments’ service level standards.

Case Management

The system design is case-centric. The registry is based on the submitted ticket and all actions are defined around the ticket and its customizable properties.

Email Notifications

Configurable workflow-based email notifications (alerts, escalations, acknowledgements). Clients can configure email dispatch methods (real-time or batch).

Content Management

System comes with a standard enterprise content management system to manage attached files and other content.
Third-party CMIS compliant ECM systems can be integrated.
Various file formats are accepted.

Knowledge Base

Categorization of tickets is used as a basis for building a knowledge base. Responses are codified into standard categories through a knowledge management process. FAQs and response templates can be created for standardized responses to

Ticket Routing

Submitted tickets can be routed according to business the business rules and the service level management, e.g. automated routing to departments, intermediary allocation and prioritization based on user profiles and category of ticket.